Heated Mug

Preceding the Glowstone Heated Mug , a family mug that holds your drink hot to the last drop. Life simply got that bit more comfortable!

The latest in mug idea, the self-heating Glowstone smart mug:

Holds drinks at the absolute heat for you to enjoy for more extended

Observes and seems like a quality family mug

Produced from fine bone china - for excellent tasting booze

Operates completely automatically

Brightens to display when the mug is warming

Switches off automatically if you've had your end sip

Charges wirelessly by at least two uses by charge

Arrives with a smart Qi charging coaster that is cooperative with different devices so as present smartphones

Is dishwasher evidence

Should a cool center which restricts energy waste to sensitive exteriors

Operates accurate outside of the case

GlowStone Heated Mug Colour Option

1- Stone

2- Pink

3- Blue

4- Hexagonal (CAD image)

Additional Feature

Ideal temperature

Fine bone china

Dishwasher proof


Fully automatic

Wireless charging

GlowStone Heated Mug is not just a mug to hold your drink hot. This will make your coffee and tea taste more satisfying. You will never require to use your old mug over.

Automatic Switch Off

The Glowstone Heated mug is produced to switch off if you take your end sip. You'll notice the light go off as you need it.

Dishwasher Proof

The Glowstone Heated Mug can be used similarly to any other mug. While the automatics are sealed in the base, it's fully dishwasher proof. In the situation, you are admiring. The mug identifies when it's upside below so will not get on when it's in the dishwasher.

Wireless Recharging

The Glowstone Heated Mug appears with a smart Qi coaster. The coaster can be used to recharge different devices such as smartphones. The coaster begins with a conventional micro USB edge and power plug. Though, the charger can be performed from any USB outlet such as these located on your laptop or computer.

Fine Bone China

It is generally accepted that drinks do taste greater from elegant bone china, the most precious and most powerful feature of all the ceramic mug elements. The flat surface enhances the feeling of tea as the tannins don't attach to the walls of the mug as they do with different materials such as plastic and metal. Fine bone china is a powerful, lightweight and lightly transparent material. This indicates that the Glowstone mug holds the equivalent weight as another related sized conventional china mugs. Its transparency means that we can designate the nature of the mug into its walls. While off, it looks like just a mug, but to see it brighten within the thick walls because it opposes into operation.